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Happy Tails

Here are some kind words from new parents – we can’t thank them enough for providing loving homes for animals in need!
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“We adopted Matthew (now Duke) in March of 2023 and fell completely in love. He was very anxious and a little shy when we first met him, but after lots of socialization and patience we are happy to share that Duke is very loving to people and dogs alike. He is our furever hiking and kayaking partner, a total snuggle buddy, and the best addition to our family. Thank you Foothills Canine Rescue!”

– Jill

“Kira aka Nerys came to us on June 24, very timid, scared and anxious! Three months later, she is happy, very playful and the best peacekeeper ever! Thank you to FCR for making it possible for us to bring Kira home🙏💕”

– Ruby & Ed

“Hi from Makayla & Ollie. I first seen Oliver on Facebook as a stray on the run for months.. I got up one day and decided to look around town for him and I found him. I also met a lady from the shelter who was willing to help me with Ollie and foster him until he found a home. Oliver was covered in fleas and ticks, had ear mites, etc. Foothills rescue took care of all of his needs. I decide to foster him and took him everywhere with me and one day a lady told me.. “sometimes they choose you” and ever since then.. it’s been me and Ollie since. I would like to thank Foothills Canine Rescue for not only giving Ollie a chance off the streets and taking care of him medically but for giving me the opportunity to meet my new best friend who has changed my life for the better.”

– Makayla

“Kolby is the BEST boy ever. He came to me a little shy and scared of other people and dogs but he has come so so far. We go to the dog park 2-3 times a week where he goes up to dogs and runs around and plays. He even goes to daycare sometimes and he is the staff favorite. As for people he now goes right up to them and sits down for pets and love or will fall onto his back to get his belly rubbed. He is such an affectionate little guy and very quickly became my best friend. He loves the car now he just sits in the back like a human and stares out the window and I even bring him on hikes he’s very adventurous. I can’t wait till it gets warm to take him swimming!

He went through training class and was also the calmest and smartest man in the class, everyone else was jealous and wanted their dogs to be like Kolby. He now spends his days either sleeping on my bed, we go for runs and walks through the city of Charlotte and or to the dog park. Everywhere is very dog friendly as well so he has become quite the Brewery dog as well and everyone loves to give him love.

I wanted to say THANK YOU so so much for giving me my best friend he is the funniest little man who just wants to be the best dog he can be. He has come so far in the past 2.5 months I have had him and I can’t wait to see how much he continues to grow and build his confidence. Here are some photos of him in his new home that I was so blessed to give him.”

– Casey

“Quick update for you all… both boys were neutered at the beginning of August. They did really well and healed very quickly. Archer is currently weighing in at 61 lbs (on track to be close to 100 lbs!), Mac is a bit behind at 47 lbs. They are best buds and loving life. Thanks again for saving them! They are such a gift in my life.”

– Gabriella

“I adopted grand back in May! His name is goose now. He is an amazing boy. I take him just about everywhere with me, he is the sweetest and has changed my life in the best way.”

– Riley

“I adopted Frackles, now Harper, in June 2021 and we are having a fantastic time together! She is such a happy and affectionate little girl. She now has an 11 yo older brother who loves having a playmate and buddy. Today we received the results from the Wisdom DNA service and what a shock! This tiny, fluffy muppet is actually 37.5% American Staffordshire Terrier and 12% boxer mix! The remaining 37.5% “sporting group” and 12% Maltese wasn’t too shocking, considering her mother is an unknown terrier and her fur is so soft. Harper’s ears are starting to stand up but haven’t made it all the way up like her mom’s. I look forward to seeing how she grows up and spending many years together. Thank you so much for giving us such a happy tale!!!”

– Ashlie

“I wanted to give you an update on Izzy. She has been an absolute blessing for my Mom and Dad! We thought she might be somewhat standoffish for a bit, but they said she has not been at all! My Mom said when they come home from running an errand, she runs around in celebration. She said, ‘I think she loves her new parents and her new home!’ They [appreciate] you so much for everything you all have done and continue to do!”

– Carolyn

“The boys are doing great! They are so happy to be together. Thank you all so much for saving them and allowing me to be their Mom. The work you all do is so important and I will continue sending people your way to adopt!”

– Gabriella

“Hi from Lucy Thornburg, formerly known as Monet from the artist puppy litter! Today we are celebrating Lucy’s first birthday! She is doing great! She went camping for the first time last weekend and she completed her first 5 mile hike. We are forever grateful that we were chosen to adopt her!”

– Janet

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