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URGENT: Foster Request

Urgent Need for Fosters

Urgent Need – Fosters

FCR needs additonal Fosters NOW for:

  • Dogs in immediate danger of being euthanized at local & surrounding shelters.
  • Shelter dogs who return from spay/neuter clinic and need 5-7 days to recover before returning to the shelter.
  • Dogs/puppies turned over to us from the general public for a variety of reasons who would otherwise be taken to Animal Control.
  • Our current fosters who need temporary relief from fostering to go on vacation or just need a short respite.

Unfortunately we say NO more often than we’d like. The more willing fosters we have, the more we can say YES. You truly can make a difference and save a life! To become part of our growing volunteer team, please contact us today!

Please inquire by sending an email to:

Foothills Canine Rescue endeavors to adopt our fosters out within 3 months. Fostering 1 dog a year would be a huge relief to us and save lives. Here’s what we ask of our fosters:

  • Fosters should work with a foster dog as they would any new pet in the home. Basic commands, such as: sit, down, stay, leash training, crate training and house training and socialization with people and other pets. Crate-training is highly encouraged. FCR will provide a crate, if needed.
  • Fosters are encouraged to network with each other to cover vacations and emergency care for their foster dogs and to give the Foster Coordinator ample notice of such needs.
  • Fosters should be enthusiastic about getting their foster dog adopted as soon as possible.
  • Fosters are asked to provide their own food for their foster dogs as part of their volunteer commitment.
  • Updated pictures every 2 weeks following. 2 or 3 good pics is sufficient.
  • Bio info upon getting to know your foster, and then as you notice additional changes in behaviors/habits, send us that information.
  • Fosters must bring their foster dogs to at least two adoption events per month but preferably once a week.
  • Fosters are encouraged to “SHARE” posts about their adoptable foster dogs on Facebook and other social media to spread the word. They may personalize a note with their “SHARE” and send updated pictures directly to FCR to make original posts.
  • Fosters are also encouraged to like, comment, and share posts about all of our adoptable dogs from FB and other social media sites.
  • FCR will provide veterinary services for all foster dogs, including the monthly maintenance of heartworm, tick & flea prevention.
  • If the dog isn’t altered upon foster intake, the fosters will agree to coordinate with FCR when the time has come to have their foster dog spayed/neutered as necessary.

Please email your interest to

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